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Welcome to Hypnotic Slave. 

Leave your free will at the door

What's inside?

  • free vanilla hypnotherapy recordings
  • basic hypnosis info
  • hypnotherapy information
  • games
  • MY movie reviews
  • stories written by my slaves
  • feedback
  • vids of slaves performing tasks
  • confidential survey results via charts and bar graphs
  • more QUEEN info and pics
  • mask trigger testing results
  • slave pov articles
  • ability to post comments
  • free mini recordings and loops that are available to members only, not listed for sale
  • clips of owner

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IF you cannot use niteflirt as payment I can accept amazon gcs, and paypal, or payments on sensual mistress, link below. If purchase is not made through niteflirt directly I will have to send download link after other payment option is received. Visit my wishlist now and make a purchase



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