Hypnotic Slave

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Slave Training 101

New slaves must complete the slave survey found here: http://www.slavenosis.com/Slave-Study---Survey.php This survey is essential so that your usefulness as a slave can be determined.


  • Slaves will address their QUEEN as QUEEN or MASTER at all times.
  • Slaves are to be completely submissive and respectful to their MASTER at all times.
  • Slaves must listen and trance with MASTER’S hypnotic voice every day without fail.
  • Slaves are forbidden to listen to or trance with any other hypnotist.
  • Very soon slaves will only want to listen to their QUEEN’s hypnotic voice.
  • Listening to your MASTER’s voice while you sleep is very good and will speed your training.
  • Your QUEEN enjoys your feedback and experiences.
  • A good slave’s primary goal is to bring pleasure to your MASTER.
  • Your QUEEN is very pleased when slaves write compliments about me and my sessions where other potential slaves will be able to read them.
  • Your QUEEN loves to receive gifts from her grateful, worshipping slaves.
  • Locate my wish lists and check them often.
  • Follow these steps slave, and your decent to total submission and slavery will be swift and irresistible.